How External Factors Affect Your Business Future: Rob Fowler and The Road Ahead

August 2, 2017

Join Jared Nichols as he talks with Rob Fowler, president and CEO of the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) about horizon planning. Rob and Jared discuss the need for business owners to look beyond internal business challenges and examine how outside factors can affect your organization, specifically new laws and regulations.

Rob Fowler has led SBAM since July 2003 and is a registered lobbyist representing small business before the Michigan legislature. Fowler previously served as the Executive Director of the Council of Smaller Enterprises in Cleveland, Ohio, was a lobbyist for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, and worked for the Indiana Lt. Governor. In 2013 Fowler was appointed by Governor Snyder to serve on the Board of the Michigan Health Endowment Fund and currently serves as Board Chair.