As Congress and the Administration move closer to broad tax reform, NSBA continues to fight for parity, simplicity and fairness for America’s small-business owners. We are working hard to ensure small business a seat at the table, and we need your help.

We have compiled various resources to help as you urge lawmakers to work toward tax reform that treats small businesses on-par with large businesses, eases complexity and ensures the long-term viability of such reform without adding to our already massive deficit.

Latest News
Get the latest updates on where tax reform stands in Congress. (more)


Issue Briefing Call
Listen to our briefing call where tax policy experts discuss the legislation. (more)


Action Alerts
Personalize and send our pre-drafted letter to your Representative and Senators. (more)


Tax Reform Checklist
Download NSBA’s one-page Tax-Reform Checklist detailing our nine tax reform principles. (more)


NSBA Briefs on Tax Reform
Download NSBA’s various Issue Briefs highlighting our top priorities for tax reform. (more)


Surveys & Reports
Download NSBA’s latest surveys with a wealth of data on small-business taxes. (more)


NSBA on Capitol Hill
Download NSBA’s most recent outreach to Members of Congress. (more)