There’s No Such Thing as a Do-Nothing Small Business

Just because Capitol Hill is stuck in a partisan logjam doesn’t mean we here at NSBA will follow suit. Small business will do what we always do: get to work finding solutions to the big problems we face. We need your help. Join NSBA and our network of small-business leaders across the country to make sure lawmakers hear from us—not special interests—on how to foster innovation and growth through entrepreneurship.


Tell Us About Your Activism.

Have you met with your Senators and Representative? NSBA is here to help–we can better arm you for those important conversations you’re having with lawmakers and their staff.


Tell Us YOUR Story.

Who doesn’t love free marketing? We’d love to share your insights, tips and fond memories of starting your business. Send us a few sentences and we’ll share it with our followers.


Utilize NSBA’s Expertise.

Whether you’re a lobbying pro or just starting out, NSBA has a wealth of information to help make the most of your lawmaker meetings: one-pagers, white papers, data and so much more.


Take Action

Let NSBA take the work out of lobbying your lawmakers. Use our Action Center to send pre-drafted letters to your Members of Congress on the biggest issues facing your small business.

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Host Members of Congress at Your Business

While lawmakers are back home in your states/districts, consider inviting them to come visit your place of business. This is a great opportunity to meet Members of Congress and introduce them to your business and your employees, and is an outstanding way to build or cement an existing relationship. NSBA has put together useful guidelines on how to do this.