ALERT: Security Exploits Put Sensitive Data at Risk

Researchers recently discovered structural defects, predominantly in Intel processors from over the last decade, that can allow hackers to access sensitive data. A series of updates and patches have been issued to address these security exploits. However, it has been reported that each patch can result in a significant performance impact – meaning businesses may need to consider premature hardware upgrades or increased server capacity to ensure they maintain both security and performance.


What You Need to Know

A little-known defect in Intel processors is one of the largest IT security threats small businesses face. The limited fixes negatively impact processing speed and can lead to increased costs.


Why it Matters

For small businesses, cyber attacks can be crippling. While security is paramount, many businesses today are experiencing significant performance issues caused by the patches.


Tell us Your Story

Has your business experienced any performance or security issues related to this default? How have you addressed the issue? Download the form to share your story.


Webinar: Hear from the Experts

On Oct. 1, NSBA held a webinar with cyber security experts who addressed issues related to this chip default and other cybersecurity issues. Download the full webcast here.

Hear why this issue is such a problem.

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