About the Endurance Campaign

The small-business community has experienced unprecedented upheaval recently, and NSBA has been there every step of the way, fighting the good fight. Our ability to continue to fight for the small business community is directly linked to the health of small businesses nationally. Over 90-percent of our financial support and operating revenue comes directly from the small businesses we represent. We need your support now more than ever.

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Marc Amato, 2020 Board Chair



We must have a thriving small-business advocacy group in Washington D.C. that speaks for us, not a political party or think-tank. Our small businesses matter, the jobs we create matter, our voices matter. Our support matters too.

Why You?

The small business community is as diverse as the economy it fuels, but we all share one common belief: entrepreneurship is critical to our democracy, it is the American dream. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to support our advocacy efforts, or a large corporation looking to cement your brand as a champion of small business, NSBA has what you’re looking for.


What is NSBA Doing for You?

NSBA is at the epicenter of the government response to COVID-19’s devastating economic impact. We have personally briefed the Senators who crafted the small-business stimulus in the CARES Act, developed a detailed resource page and will continue to highlight how this crisis is impacting America’s small businesses.

How Does NSBA Make an Impact?

Learn more about how NSBA is improving the daily lives of America’s small-business owners through our robust advocacy efforts, highly-touted data and aggressive media outreach.


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NSBA in the News

NSBA is a go-to resource for reporters and the media, and has been providing critical data, input on small-business relief packages and much more throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Check out just a small sampling here.


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To become part of the Small Business Endurance 2020 Campaign, please make your small-business contribution today or call us at 202-552-2903, or email us. We greatly appreciate your support.