Celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2012, NSBA continues to advocate on behalf of America’s entrepreneurs. A staunchly nonpartisan organization, NSBA reaches more than 150,000 small businesses across the country and is proud to be the nation’s first small-business advocacy organization. We have accomplished a great deal in the last 75 years from the enactment of critical access to capital programs and important small-business tax deductions to repealing some of the most potentially damaging laws and regulations.<

While our efforts are focused on federal advocacy, NSBA is continually providing a snapshot of what’s on the mind of America’s small-business community through our two biannual Economic Reports and various targeted surveys. NSBA has been recognized as a pragmatic, non-political small-business organization and is proud to represent the 70 million owners and employees that comprise American small business.

More about NSBA’s history can be attained from the following sources:

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