Advocacy Unveils New Research Tool

March 14, 2012

On Tuesday, March 13, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy unveiled a new research tool, the Small Business Data Resources, for small-business data which provides a comprehensive list of data sources and the type of data provided, along with hyperlinks to each data source.

In addition to serving as small businesses federal watchdog on regulatory issues, Advocacy has provided a wealth of information on the small-business community through its myriad research projects.

“Over many years, Advocacy has used and helped develop some of the best business data available by firm size,” said Chief Counsel for Advocacy Winslow Sargeant. “We’re pleased to be able to provide researchers a concise summary listing of many of the most used federal government and nongovernment data sources,”

The new tool lists online databases by government or private sector source, hyperlinks the listings to their websites, and keys them to the small-business-related topics on which they provide information. Key topics include demographics, employment, exports, finance, firm size data, firms and establishments, health care, income and sales, pension coverage, taxes, and training.

Please click here for Advocacy’s Small Business Data Resources.