Arizona Businesses Discuss Pandemic, Economy

September 29, 2020

Sept. 29, 2020

Molly Day, VP of Public Affairs

Phoenix, AZ – Small-business owners from across Arizona and members of the National Small Business Association’s (NSBA) Leadership Council met via video conference on Sept. 18, 2020. The meeting was hosted by Rick Murray, President of the Arizona Chapter National Safety Council and a member of the NSBA Board of Trustees. Rick was joined by Jeff Koenig, the owner of Open Four Business and is also a member of the NSBA Board of Trustees. The agenda for the meeting was to share their views and stories on how the pandemic has affected their businesses and their communities.

Supporting small business comes in many forms, including shopping local and spending within the community while supporting required changes to normal business operations.  Providing feedback is critical on how to best to meet the needs of customers.

During the last eight months, small businesses have faced unimaginable hardships with very little clarity from elected officials. They continue to be the most hard-hit economically by COVID-19 through mandated closures, massive declines in customer demand, and complex employee challenges. Many small businesses, most notably in hospitality have closed permanently. Not only does this affect these businesses – it affects their suppliers as well. 

As businesses continue to push forward, we encourage the public to make a conscious effort to support them through this difficult time. Small business is the backbone of Arizona’s economy and nationwide, and they need the public’s support during this critical time.

The group was asked for their top priorities that affect their Arizona businesses and their communities. These included health care costs, a trained workforce and complicated regulations that cost time and money. Communicating this to their legislators locally and in Washington is of utmost importance.

The following Leadership Council members attended the call: Lisa Apolinski of 3 Dog Write Inc. in Phoenix (AZ-5); Mignonne Hollis from Arizona Regional Economic Development in Sierra Vista (AZ-2); Alan Baker from Baker Precision Firearms in Pearce (AZ-1); Isiah Slemons and David Richardson from bioSyntagma in Phoenix (AZ-9); Debra Hilldebrand from The LurnAbile in Mesa (AZ-5); Eric Walker from The Next Step Agency in Fountain Hills (AZ-6); and Dr. Dace Tapley from White Tiger Counseling in Phoenix (AZ-9).

Please contact the NSBA media department if you would like to speak to one of our Arizona Leadership Council members

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