August Recess: Invite Lawmakers to Your Business

August 6, 2014

pic-owner-workers-exportCongress has just begun their August recess meaning lawmakers will be back in their home districts/states, many working on reelection campaign bids. While it may seem August is always a downtime for our elected officials, now is the perfect time for small-business owners to reach out and invite them to attend a gathering. Many lawmakers are happy to attend a wide range of gatherings at businesses within their districts. Buliding a relationship with you lawmakers can make a huge difference, so consider hosting a gathering for your lawmakers or candidates: anything from a large-scale, press-invited town-hall gathering to a smaller, informal conversation with the employer and employees can be a great way to begin engaging your lawmakers.

There are 70 million people in the U.S. that run or work for a small business – that’s one-third of the U.S. voting population, but strength in numbers is far more powerful when there’s a personal story attached. NSBA is committed to representing America’s small businesses, and in our efforts to strengthen our collective small-business voice, we recently launched a new get-out-the-vote initiative as part of our 70 Million Strong and Voting campaign. But we need your help – lawmakers need to hear from you.

To make this easier, NSBA has developed a toolkit of resources and information including: an easy-to-access Congressional Directory; a host of customizable letters on key small-bsuiness issues; a voting poster to hang in employee break rooms that talks about the importance of voting; a how-to on talking to your employees about politics; myriad voting resources for your employees; and much more.

By inviting your lawmakers and candidates to attend your business and talk with your employees and their families, you will not only further your relationship with your lawmakers, it can be a great opportunity to get your business some recognition.

Click here to find the district office contact information for your lawmakers.

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