Bill Introduced to Ease Federal Contracting Process

July 23, 2014

stk318013rknOn Thursday July 17, Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.) introduced legislation, the Open Government Technology Work to More Businesses Act (H.R.5154), which would increase efficiency and streamline the registration process for federal contracts at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Specifically, this bill directs the SBA to introduce regulations to simplify the registration system used when being considered for an award of any federal contract, establish procedures so that small businesses can self-certify their eligibility under Sec. 8 of the Small Business Act, and streamline the registration process so that from start-to-finish the registration process takes no longer than four weeks. Additionally, H.R. 5154 directs the SBA to present this consolidated, more streamlined system in a single, unified electronic system on SBA’s website so that small-business owners can have a “one stop shop” when registering for federal contracts.

Rep. Peters outlined that, “Currently there are roughly 80 steps necessary for businesses to become eligible for federal contracts, a process that can take months and puts innovative small companies at a distinct disadvantage. As we find ways to bring the government into the 21st century technologically, this bill will open the door to new business opportunities for hundreds of small businesses in San Diego.”

As such, NSBA supports Rep. Peters’ legislation to increase small-business opportunity.



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