California Leadership Council Talks Pandemic, Economic Outlook

August 16, 2021

August 16, 2021

Molly Day, VP of Public Affairs

Washington, D.C. – Recently, members of the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council in California’s southern congressional districts, met to discuss and share the successes and challenges they faced during the pandemic and how their businesses are doing as they emerge from the crisis. Many of the small-business owners expressed frustration with loan program complexities as well as unclear and burdensome workplace safety requirements.  

“Small business in California’s southern congressional districts are as diverse as the state is large with a wide range of businesses ranging from federal contractors to rental housing and advertising to energy,” stated San Diego-area business owner Brian Morales who serves on NSBA’s Board of Trustees. “As we move back to business-as-usual, small businesses need policies that support economic growth so we can create jobs and support our local communities.”

Many of the small businesses represented are Veteran-owned and continue serving the military and various contracts with the federal government. Issues were also raised from owners providing rental housing and the effects of the eviction moratorium on their business. 

Leadership Council members in California’s southern congressional districts have actively been reaching out to their legislators, and continue to do so by providing them with the perspective from their small business, employees, and members of the community. While there have been signs that the pandemic was largely behind us, the appearance of the delta variant is causing renewed concern coupled with revised government mandates which had previously been relaxed. Small business must be a top consideration of policymakers as we move through the pandemic if they are to continue driving economic growth in this country.

Owners whose businesses operate from the following Congressional Districts were represented at the meeting:

  • Emily Adams, Keto Primo, LLC (CA-42)
  • Michael Blackstone, Air Combat USA, Inc (CA-39)
  • Paul Conor, Conor Roofing Corp (CA-31)
  • Alexander Edwards, Strategic Vision (CA-52)
  • Dominique Fruchtman, Escape Room Palm Springs (CA-36)
  • Jake Hay, PopShorts (CA-48)
  • Greg Hodosevich, GVR Group (CA-52)
  • Paul Hudak, Just Us 4 Youth (CA-35)
  • Darrell Lee, DELT Industries, Inc (CA-26)
  • David Malcolm, CalWest Apartments (CA-52)
  • Valerie Martinez, VMA Communications (CA-27)
  • Brian Morales, Pro-Cal Lghting (CA-49)
  • Sahil Nandwani, Tectron International (CA-40)
  • LaSonja Peisker, Peisker Enterprises (CA-52)
  • Carmela Roth, RED Company (CA-47)
  • Connie Sparks, Wadeco Business (CA-25)
  • Britt Stillwell, The Compliance Firm (CA-34)

Please contact the NSBA media department if you would like to speak to one of our Leadership Council members in California’s southern congressional districts.

The Leadership Council of the NSBA is a group of small-business leaders who are the grassroots advocates for the organization. Celebrating more than 80 years in operation, NSBA is a member-driven nonpartisan organization advocating on behalf of America’s entrepreneurs. Please visit