Capitalizing on Facebook Advertising with Nicholas Kusmich & The Road Ahead

November 8, 2017

Join Jared Nichols as he talks with Nicholas Kusmich, a world-leading Facebook advertising strategist as they discuss how to capitalize on the most effective advertising platform on the planet, Facebook. They dig-in to how the potential exposure from Facebook, coupled with the ability to better target, or micro-market, to possible customers is driving businesses to rely more on Facebook for business marketing.

Nicholas Kusmich is an international speaker and founder of the H2H Media Group. He works with A-List clients including top thought-leaders, NYT Best Selling Authors, Top Inc 500 and fast growth companies creating advertising campaigns that actually work. He is the creator of The Art Of Lead Generation¬†is known for having the highest ROI’s in the industry (up to 30, 973.32%).