NSBA Talks to Clinton, Trump Campaigns

October 14, 2016

NSBA recently sat down with senior advisors from the Clinton and Trump campaigns to talk about small business. Download the podcasts today to hear both candid discussions and see where each stands on the issues you care about.


Office of Advocacy Turns 40

June 15, 2016

Next week, the SBA Office of Advocacy will host a regulatory symposium to commemorate its 40th anniversary as a key regulatory watchdog within the federal government.


NSBA Testifies on EPA Regulations

April 13, 2016

Yesterday, NSBA Board Member Michael Canty, testified before a Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on the regulatory burden facing small firms, specifically those coming from the EPA.


SOTU: Small Biz Takeaways

January 13, 2016

Last night,President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union Address focusing on long-term challenges facing the U.S., and today, NSBA held an analysis call on the speech.