Thanks for your interest in becoming a corporate partner of NSBA. NSBA is the nation’s oldest small business advocacy organization, celebrating more than 80 years. We are a uniquely member-driven organization and we operate on a staunchly nonpartisan basis. NSBA has 65,000 members in every state and every industry throughout the nation. 
        NSBA’s membership is as diverse as the economy we fuel. Our mission is to represent the needs of America’s small businesses with policymakers in Washington, D.C.

About NSBA

Learn more about NSBA, what makes us unique and how we can help get your message in front of thousands of small-business decision makers.


Current Corporate Partners

NSBA works with a diverse group of businesses to help connect them with America’s small-business leaders. Through standard partnership agreements and affinity-type programs, NSBA delivers the connections you need.

What we Have to Offer

Website & Weekly Advocate

NSBA partners are featured on the NSBA homepage as well as in every articles with topical relevance. We provide a resource page where all partners are featured and a unique landing page for each partner to spotlight their offerings.

Partners also can contribute content and ads to the Weekly Advocate, our eNewsletter.


Partners can provide short videos (up to 3 minutes in length) to be posted on their NSBA-hosted microsite and NSBA’s YouTube and Vimeo channels

Social Media

Partners have additional avenues to connect with small-business leaders through NSBA posts highlighting the partner to our three primary channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Leadership Connections

NSBA partner have the opportunity to give a presentation at one meeting of the NSBA Board of Trustees, as well as break bread with key influencers in their topic area.

Professional Development Sessions

NSBA partners participate in and lead informative webinars, issue calls and podcasts for NSBA members to help establish their company as an expert in the field.


NSBA partners have the opportunity to sponsor NSBA’s highly-regarded surveys which garner a great deal of media and small-business attention.


NSBA holds two regularly occuring events: the Washington Presentation and the Small Business Congress.

The Washington Presentation is NSBA’s annual Washington, D.C. fly-in where NSBA members attend meetings with lawmakers and hear from the administration.

The Small Business Congress is NSBA’s biennial issues conference which culminates in NSBA members voting session to determine NSBA’s priority issues for coming two years.

Partnerships to Fit What YOU Need

NSBA has developed tiered corporate partnership programs as well as a build-your-own package to give you the most flexibility in developing how NSBA can best suit your needs.

Contact Us

Contact NSBA today to learn more about how to get your message in front of America’s small-business leaders.

Patrick Post  |  VP of Membership Development

ppost@nsba.biz  |  202-552-2903