Engaging with Lawmakers: NSBA is Here to Help

March 4, 2020

We know you’re busy running your business. We also know that you care about policy and ensuring your elected officials support pro-small-business policies – we’re here to help

Did you know that NSBA has an Action Center?

NSBA has a dedicated Action Center on its website where you can, in less than two minutes, send your lawmakers a pre-drafted, personalized letter on any number of issues ranging from tax reform to beneficial ownership, and everything in between.

Once on NSBA’s Action Center, you simply click on the issue you’d like to raise with your lawmakers. Then simply personalize the letter we have already posted and add how this particular issue impacts your small business. Finish by inputting your name and contact information into the system, click send. Your letter will be delivered directly to the staff member who oversees the issue for your Senators and Representative.

Looking for a concise explanation on a policy issue?

NSBA has an in-depth library of one-page Issue Briefs on our website. We have taken dozens of the biggest issues facing your small business, provided you some background on that issue, and list exactly what it is we think needs to happen. With more than 100 collective years of Capitol Hill expertise on staff and the best small-business leaders and experts there are from coast to coast, these Issue Briefs will help you understand exactly what the issue is in less than five minutes.

Are You on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? So are we!

NSBA is active on social media, and we’d like to interact with you. If you’re not already part of the discussion, join us and tag us with @NSBAAdvocate.

We also have a wide array of social media posts already drafted for you to personalize and use – simply click here and you can start tweeting to your heart’s delight!

Are you active in policy discussions with your lawmakers?

Tell us all about it!Visit the NSBA.biz/Be-Engaged website for resources and to share with NSBA your story. We’d love to hear about your business, how you overcame challenges and also about your meetings with lawmakers.

Are you part of the NSBA network?

It’s not a one-way street here at NSBA – what makes us experts on these issues is you. Your involvement and your experiences not only help our association be a leading voice for America’s small-business owners, it helps other small businesses just like yours.

If you’re a member, we thank you for your time, your involvement and your support of our mission here at NSBA. If you’re not yet a member , please consider joining today, we’re stronger together!