EPA National Building Competition

January 17, 2011

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking small-business contestants for its 2011 Energy Star National Building Competition for energy efficiency.

For the competition, buildings will be judged on the percent energy reduction (adjusted for weather and building size) demonstrated between a baseline period (Sept. 1, 2009-Aug. 31, 2010) and a comparison period (Sept. 1, 2010-Aug. 31, 2011). The building that demonstrates the largest adjusted percent reduction in energy use intensity during this period will win.

Please click here to learn more about the 2011 competition.

Energy Star is holding a webinar for those interested in learning more about the 2011 competition. It is being conducted on Feb. 1, from 1-2 pm ET. Please click here to register for the webinar.

Applications are due Feb. 25, 2011.