NSBA D.C. Event Preview

June 6, 2018

With only a few days remaining until the start of NSBA’s Small Business Washington Presentation, NSBA has outlined a very detailed schedule for the two-day fly-in.

On Monday, June 11, the delegation will participate in a high-level Procurement Roundtable featuring Congressional and Administration experts discussing how small businesses can participate in the federal marketplace, as well as the key reforms needed to expand that marketplace to more small businesses.

Next, NSBA will hold the Lew Shattuck Small Business Advocate of the Year Award luncheon where we will recognize our finalists and name for the first time the overall award winner. The five finalists are:

  • Lisa Fullerton, president and CEO of A Novel Idea in San Antonio, Texas
  • Chris Holman, president and owner of Michigan Business Monthly in Lansing, Michigan
  • Larry Nannis, Lawrence S. Nannis Consultant to Entrepreneurs in Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Mike Schreurs, chairman and chief strategist of Strategic America in West Des Moines, Iowa
  • Rick Whipple, CEO of WhippleWood CPAs in Littleton, Colorado

Following the luncheon, NSBA leadership will provide a briefing on our priority issues as well as provide a tutorial on lobbying to prepare the delegation for their Capitol Hill visits on Tuesday. The NSBA group will then head to the White House for a briefing from key administration officials.

On Tuesday, June 12, the NSBA delegation will take to Capitol Hill, kicking off with our Congressional Breakfast on where various members of Congress will address the delegation on key small-business issues. For the remainder of the event, NSBA’s small-business attendees will be making their way across Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers and their staffs on a variety of key issues.

Please see below the key topics we’ll be focusing on, along with new videos from NSBA discussing the problem and how to solve it.

Tax Reform 2.0

While there were many positive changes passed under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it is imperative that the U.S. moves toward a simpler, fairer tax system. Specifically, Congress should focus on fixing the national debt, simplifying the tax code for small businesses, creating stability and predictability in our tax laws, and moving toward greater parity in the tax treatment of various business forms.

Health Care Costs

The small-business community needs broad reform of our health care system that reduces the cost of coverage, provides universal access, focuses on individual responsibility and empowerment, creates the right market-based incentives, and a has relentless focus on improving quality while driving out unnecessary, wasteful and harmful care.

Federal Contracting

Despite several important provisions passing in 2017 that will improve contracting for small firms, more can and should be done to ensure fairness for small firms within the federal marketplace. Federal agencies must continue to expand opportunities for small-business contractors to compete for and win federal contracts.

White House Conference on Small Business

Not since 1995 has an administration assembled a White House Conference on Small Business (WHCSB). This kind of broad gathering is uniquely positioned to unite the wide variety of voices within the small-business community to help educate Congress, federal agencies and the White House on issues that matter most to small businesses.