Be part of developing America’s small-business agenda for the coming two years. Join small-business owners and leaders as we discuss the key issues facing small-business owners in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond. This listening session is part of a nationwide grass-roots effort to gather insight and input on what should be the national small-business agenda which will culminate with the 2018 Small Business Congress in November in Washington, D.C.

*NOTE: This event has been rescheduled for Oct. 26 due to the Cleveland Indians playoff  game scheduled for Oct. 8.


  • Tax Issues. How will the recent tax reform really affect entrepreneurs? What further changes might be coming? How will recent court rulings on interstate sales taxes impact companies?
  • Workforce Trends and Employee Benefits. How are workforce constraints impacting business growth? How are workplace regulations changing, and what are the biggest challenges? What is next for health care, and is there any hope for controlling run-away cost growth?
  • Cybersecurity and Data Safety. Will there be new rules for small businesses operating on the Internet—what will the pluses and minuses be?
  • Net Neutrality. What does the change in the rules for internet service providers mean for smaller companies? Do the rules need to change again?



Bring your issues front-and-center to policymakers

“This listening session will give you the inside scoop on small-business policy inside the D.C. Beltway and inform NSBA, Capitol Hill and the media on what Amerca’s small businesses REALLY need.”  —Cynthia Kay, NSBA Chair, CK & Co Media Production Company, Grand Rapids, Mich.