Small Business Congress: What to Expect


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Thank you for submitting your registration to attend NSBA’s upcoming Small Business Congress on Nov. 14-15. Your registration will be processed within 5 business days and a receipt will be sent to the email provided on your registration form.

If you requested overnight accommodations at the Westin Washington D.C. City Center, your name has been added to the NSBA rooming list to be submitted to the Westin after October 12. You will receive a confirmation directly from the Westin confirming your requested accommodations.

If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact Rosa Wright at 202-552-2907 or 1-800-345-6728.

What to Expect

The Small Business Congress will be held on Nov. 14-15, 2018 in Washington, D.C. at the Westin Washington, D.C. City Center located at 1400 M Street NW in downtown Washington, D.C. This event is designed to bring our most active members,  the Leadership Council and our Board of Trustees together in Washington, D.C. to roll-up their sleeves and dig into NSBA’s small-business platform for the upcoming session of Congress. The primary goals of this event are: to create a small-business agenda that will guide NSBA’s advocacy efforts for the next two years; hear from policy experts representing Congress, think-tanks, reporters, and more; and to network with other small-business leaders from across the country.

The Small Business Congress is the culminating event of several regional listening sessions where NSBA leadership is working with local business associations and leaders to gather insight on a more grass-roots level.

Below is a more detailed outline of what to expect during this conference – times may change slightly, and we will follow up in the weeks prior to the event to confirm.

Wednesday, Nov. 14

You will have the opportunity to register at the Westin beginning at 9:00 a.m. EDT. When you pick up your registration packet, you will receive a complete schedule and other materials. The first official event of the Small Business Congress is our General Session I at 10:15 a.m. Next we will have our Annual Member Meeting and Luncheon followed by our afternoon General Session II. Our morning and afternoon General Sessions will give you the opportunity to learn more about key small-business policy issues:

  • Small Business Credit and Capital
  • Regulatory Reform & Restraint
  • Tax Reform and Small Businesses
  • How to get Health Care Reform Right for Small Business
  • Cybersecurity and Other Online Challenges

These sessions will feature experts in each field providing the insight you need to help drive the organization’s agenda for the coming months and years.

Following our policy-focused day, NSBA will host a reception for attendees to spend some time getting to know and network with one another.

Thursday, Nov. 15

The second day of the Small Business Congress will kick-off with a casual breakfast followed by a Town Hall Meeting where small-business leaders will lead a conversation with the delegation to discuss the state of small business; where small-business issues stand in Congress and among Congressional leadership; and efforts to reform our politics to begin to close the partisan gap leading to widespread polarization in Washington, D.C. and beyond.

Next, we will hold our closing event of the Small Business Congress where attendees work alongside each other to debate and develop our priorities for the 116th Session of Congress. Finally, the NSBA delegation will be welcomed to attend a meeting of the Small Business Roundtable just down the street in Washington, D.C. to present the NSBA agenda.

If your flight arrangements allow, we encourage you to work on setting up meetings with your Senators’ and Representative’s offices while in town. Coming to Washington, D.C. can provide you with a great opportunity to lobby your lawmakers on key issues, or build upon, or start building a relationship with your representatives inside the Beltway. Simply visit the NSBA Action Center for our Congressional Directory to contact your lawmakers.

In the coming weeks, NSBA will continue to add to our agenda – please continue checking in with the Small Business Congress website for details.

Thank you again for registering for the NSBA Small Business Congress! We are looking forward to a very productive and exciting event.