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Join NSBA in Washington, D.C. for two days of networking, problem-solving, knowledge building, and high-level discussions on the issues that matter most for small business. Below are just a few highlights of what you can expect.

Build Your Advocacy Skills

Bring your advocacy to the next level when it comes to effective lobbying, telling your story in the media, public speaking on small-business issues and how small business fits in the new economy.

Dinner and Networking

Get out and experience the real Washington, D.C. with your cohorts in a relaxing dinner with endless networking opportunities

Congressional Breakfast on Capitol Hill

Hear from leading Members of Congress who stand up for small business inside the Beltway

How the National Debt Threatens Small Business

A hands-on exercise run by the Fix the Debt Campaign to find meaningful solutions to our entitlement crisis

The Great Start-Up Non-Starter

Insight from thought leaders and small-business experts on lagging rates of start-ups and how to fix the problem

A White House Conference on Small Business

Discussion on why and how this indispensable conference can set the agenda for the future of small business

Closing Luncheon: the Challenges our Leaders Must Face

A forecast of what’s ahead for returning and newly-elected policymakers in 2017


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