Congress OKs Stopgap Spending Bill

November 20, 2019

On Thursday, Nov. 21, and Tuesday, Nov. 19, the Senate and House, respectively, passed a continuing resolution (CR) to extend current funding levels to avoid a government shutdown. The current CR under which the government is operating is set to expire Friday, and President Trump is expected to sign the bill. This most-recently passed CR will extend government funding through Dec. 20.

Once again, lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol have failed to approve spending bills through the formal appropriations process, leaving funding subject to a series of stop-gap measures. Currently, the major sticking point is another repeat from previous spending fracases: the administration’s demand for funding for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. While Senate Republicans have agreed to set aside $5 billion for the wall, House Democrats have allocated no funding for the wall.

This latest CR will set up a late-year requirement to pass an additional funding measure around the same time some expect the House to be voting on articles of impeachment against President Trump. Further putting the spending issue into question, yesterday’s CR passed with far fewer House GOP votes than previous CR spending bills, and both Democrats and Republicans look to be digging their heels into their own priorities with little room for compromise. The border wall issue was the cause of the most recent government shutdown last year which lasted 35 days.