President Signs Spending CR

October 3, 2019

Late last week, President Donald Trump signed a seven-week continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government running beyond the Sept. 30 fiscal year deadline. The measure will keep the government funded through Nov. 21 and buy time for action and negotiations on $1.4 trillion in annual appropriations bills.

Earlier this summer, President Trump signed a two-year bipartisan budget and debt bill setting the top-line numbers for defense and domestic programs. That deal removes a major hurdle for negotiators on the appropriations committees who are allocating specific agency budgets.

Although the two-year budget and debt ceiling deal between Congress and the White House set a $1.4 trillion limit for discretionary spending in fiscal year 2020, which started Oct. 1, lawmakers have not negotiated the 12 individual annual spending bills for government operations. The House has approved 10 of the 12 required annual spending measures, but those bills will need to be reconciled with the Senate versions and adjusted to fall in line with the two-year budget deal agreed to by Congress and President Trump before new Nov. 21 deadline.