House Votes to Increase Debt Limit

September 22, 2021

Last night, Sept. 21, the House of Representatives voted to pass legislation to prevent a government shutdown at the end of the month and suspend the nation’s borrowing limit. Attaching the debt limit suspension to the must-pass funding bill is a risky move by the Democrats, since most Republicans have repeatedly said they will not vote on any legislation that includes the measure. The party line vote was 220-211.  

The bill now faces an uphill battle in the Senate. It is not clear yet what Democrats are considering as their plan B, if the effort to avoid a shutdown and suspend the debt limit does not pass through the Senate.  

If Republicans in the Senate block the funding measure over the debt limit, there is still a possibility to remove the debt limit measure and pass a stand-alone spending bill to avoid a shutdown. However, in this scenario, the vote would take place very close to the shutdown deadline and would require swift coordination of both sides of the aisle to process a quick Senate vote.  

You can read more about the measure here.