How to Make Your Own Video

April 22, 2021

Set Up:

  • Outline in your head or write down and prioritize what you want to say in your video
  • Try to keep your sentences short to allow for editing if needed
  • Avoid white, bright green and other loud colors, prints and stripes
  • Select a spot that best showcases you and/or your business
  • Avoid back-lighting or changing light


  • Use your smartphone – the cameras on most of these devices are better than what you’ll find in a webcam
  • If you’re on an iPhone, hold your phone sideways/horizontal/landscape vs. vertical
  • Silence your devices and shoot in airplane mode to avoid being interrupted by any notifications
  • Position the camera at eye-level
  • Avoid back-lighting or changing light, and ensure flash is turned off
  • Use a stand where possible to ensure steady recording, or simply prop phone up against something
  • Place the phone close to you vs. using zoom – that will ensure better sound and video
  • If possible, use the front-facing camera vs. using selfie-mode
  • When you start, slowly state your name, company name and location

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