Lawmakers Push Broad Funding Package

March 9, 2022

Early Wednesday morning, March 9, lawmakers released the bill text for the $1.5 trillion package to fund the federal government through September.

The package was finalized too late to guarantee a Congress clearance prior to the Friday, March 11, deadline when federal funding runs out. Lawmakers prepared a four-day spending patch so that the deadline can be moved to Tuesday, March 15 but even the temporary funding bill could face problems in the Senate that would risk a government shutdown.

Congress has had to pass three continuing resolutions for fiscal year 2022 in order to buy time for negotiators to hash out disagreements over spending on an array of issues.

The broad funding package is a 2,700+ page bill which would revive earmarks for the first time since Congress banned the practice over ten years ago, paving the way to allow members from both political parties to secure federal dollars for home-state projects. It also would boost funding for the military and almost every non-defense agency, expanding domestic funding to $730 billion. National defense spending also would see an increase to $782 billion.

The House plans to pass both packages on Wednesday. Then, Senate leaders will work to clear the legislation for President Biden’s signature before Friday night.

More information on the spending package can be found here.