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Innovative cybersecurity that protects your business without getting in the way.

Avast Small Business Solutions

Our antivirus solutions are now conveniently packaged within our Avast Small Business Solutions. Choose the level of security that works best for your specific needs.

Essential Business Security: Anti-malware and antivirus protection with a built-in firewall to keep devices and data safe against cyberattacks.

Premium Business Security: Advanced security to keep devices and data secured while protecting business privacy with built-in VPN.

Ultimate Business Security: Our best cybersecurity and privacy protection that ensures all security problems and application vulnerabilities are resolved quickly and automatically. 

Additional Security Services:

Patch Management – Get patching support for Windows and hundreds of third-party applications in one easy-to-use solution. Simplify and automate the patching process to save time and money.

Cloud Backup – Keep data secure and ensure business continuity by protecting endpoint devices with an automated backup process. It’s easy to deploy and manage, all within one online management platform.