My Experience with Nextiva’s Business Phone System

November 5, 2014

pic-tech-worldI know more about phone systems than I really care to. Having owned three companies of all different sizes over the past 17 years, I have unintentionally become skilled in integrating, configuring, upgrading and replacing PBX’s and phone systems.

Good news for me, I have finally found the one system that (I expect) will never need to be replaced. This is a big deal, since it will allow me to use my (limited) brain power on building my business and not on phone maintenance and upgrades.

So what’s the panacea to phone systems? Here’s the big reveal drum roll I use Nextiva’s VoIP phone systems and I am loving it.

Before I tell you why their system is great (and perhaps you may want to test it for yourself), you need to know this: Nextiva has been a supporter of mine over the years and offered me use of their phone system at a discount.  They did not ask for anything in exchange. Therefore, it is only reasonably for you to think this post is a thinly cloaked, contrived review. But it’s not. I am doing this review without their awareness or participation, and it represents my honest experience.

So here we go. The Nextiva VoIP phone system is in fact the best VoIP I have ever experienced.  When it comes to phone systems (VoIP, virtual or otherwise) my search is over. Nextiva is my defacto choice now and this is why:

Superior Service –  Technology is, well, technical. Different configurations, different settings, different devices, it goes on and on. Even with my personal experience with different phones and computers, I was unfamiliar with all the detailed settings required to get the Nextiva system set exactly how I wanted it.  No problem!  A quick call to the Nextiva’s service department and a technician was walking me through the process and he* was also on my system configuring it for me.  There was no rush to get me off the phone. There was no fee for extended support. The only urgency was to make sure that everything I wanted was addressed perfectly. I’m impressed. Possibly the best service I have experienced from any company phone or otherwise.

*There seems to be just as many women as men working in the service department, so when I say “he” it is simply for my convenience. In retrospect it may have been a woman with a deep voice. His/her name was Pat (of course).

Web Configuration – One challenge I had was the notably complex and difficult to navigate web interface. First-times be forewarned, but if you stumble, call support and they are, like I said, GREAT.  It took me a while to get a handle on the navigation, not to mention the thought that I will need to use support for all the complex options.  But, it is manageable enough for the basic functions that I felt confident in the day to day tweaks I may make to the system.

Robust – I had to port over phone numbers from my old system.  No problem. I had to configure multi-layer extension routing, like ringing different phones based upon different times of day. No-brainer. I had to set up the phone system for five of my colleagues who work in five different locations throughout the country. 1-2-3… done! I wanted to prioritize calls to ring my cell and my house if the caller ID identified one of my critical clients. Wham! Bam! Done!! I have yet to think up a need that the system can’t handle. I love that it can do it all.

Professional – Like most entrepreneurs, every one of my businesses started small (ahem just me) and they all grew, my second company had thirty employees when it was acquired. My newest business has eight people on the system and is growing.  Maybe it will grow to hundreds down the road (who knows). No matter the size of my business, I need the phone to be a professional greeter for all the incoming calls. Nextiva does all that very well. But the part I didn’t expect, and like most, is that I was able to pick a voice actor to record my greeting messages.  I just gave Nextiva my script and two days later, I had the perfect voice answering my phones. Pretty cool. Very professional.

If you are looking for a Business Phone Service with VoIP system or virtual PBX: whatever you call it (as long as it involves phones), I can confidently recommend you to Nextiva. They have won me over. And as my past phone providers will tell you, that isn’t an easy feat!


This article was contributed by Mike Michalowicz, Author of Profit First, the Pumpkin Plan & The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, on behalf of NSBA corporate partner Nextiva.