National Taxpayer Advocate FY 2016 Objectives

July 29, 2015


pic-irs-tax-smOn Wednesday, July 15, National Taxpayer Advocate (NTA) Nina Olson released her Objectives Report to Congress for fiscal year 2016. The report identifies the priority issues the Taxpayer Advocate Services (TAS) will address in the upcoming year, including the IRS’s long-term strategic planning, tax-related identity theft, and administration of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The NTA expressed concern that the IRS continues to view itself primarily as an enforcement agency, with taxpayer service receiving less emphasis. The Advocate urged the IRS to place primary emphasis on meeting the needs of the taxpayers who are trying to comply with the tax laws.

Another issue that will be addressed is failed taxpayer service for victims of identity theft. As the problem has grown worse and more IRS filters are catching more potentially fraudulent returns, victims often have to wait six months or more to receive their refunds.

This past tax year added the challenge of dealing with the new provisions under the ACA–the Premium Tax Credit (PTC) and the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment (ISRP). The upcoming year will see more complexity, and the TAS will focus on training its case advocates to better assist taxpayers, notably on ACA collection activities and the Employer Shared Responsibility provision.

The report also includes recommendations to minimize the burden of FATCA compliance for both individual U.S. taxpayers and businesses, as the NTA looks to address these concerns in the approaching fiscal year.

Please click here to read the full report.