New Cyber Insurance and Data Breach Prevention Tools Available to NSBA Members

September 27, 2017

NSBA is proud to announce a new member benefits package. Members can now access a suite of discounted cyber and data breach solutions to help them meet the growing demand for cyber and data breach prevention, insurance and compliance. The program is made available through a new partnership with 360 Coverage Pros.

360 Coverage Pros will now offer members access to a Business Cyber Risk Assessment, ongoing Data Breach Compliance & Prevention services, plus access to Cyber Insurance options offered by industry leading insurance companies. These programs can help members protect their business against the high costs associated with cyber or other types of data breaches. The programs are affordable, simple for businesses to purchase and are specific to today’s cyber and data breach risks faced by small businesses. Members will also have access to a wide range of resources designed to help them prevent data breaches, as well as how to respond.

“According to NSBA data, half of small businesses have been the victim of a cyber-attack, costing on average $7,115.26 per attack. This growing problem for small business is why NSBA is proud to partner with 360 Coverage Pros to offer NSBA members a variety of protection packages designed to help small businesses ward off such attacks, and offer affordable, quick solutions when targeted by hackers,” stated NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken.

Cyber criminals have been increasingly targeting small businesses in recent years, viewing them as easy targets due to their lack of significant IT expenditures, and preparation for cyber-attacks.

“The impact of not being prepared for, or taking steps to prevent a data breach (or having Cyber Insurance in place to protect against loss) can be devastating for a small business,” states Scott Reid, National Director of Cyber Insurance Programs for the 360 Coverage Pros program. “With these new Cyber and Data Breach Insurance options, and the compliance and prevention tools, the NSBA members now have easy access to solutions that can help them manage their cyber risk, maintain cyber security best practices and mitigate the damage done to their business by a data breach.” Other benefits include a dedicated Breach Response hotline and the ability to point, click and buy any of the programs in minutes, directly from the NSBA member benefits website.

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