New Cybercrime Resources for Small Business

January 22, 2020

Cybercrime is a growing concern small-business owners fear as hackers become more savvy in how they target the smallest businesses. A new resource may help: is a new cybercrime recovery resource database powered by The Cybercrime Support Network. The resource is available to help individuals, small businesses, and law enforcement “Report, Recover and Reinforce” after a cybercrime incident occurs.

The Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is a public-private, nonprofit collaboration created to meet the challenges facing millions of individuals and businesses affected each and every day by cybercrime. In 2018 alone, the FBI/IC3 received 351,936 reports from victims of cybercrime. To combat this widespread and ever-growing problem, CSN has partnered with United Way 211 to create the first-ever cybercrime support hotlines in Rhode Island, Central Florida and Western Michigan.

In another effort to support victims and law enforcement in the face of cybercrime, CSN created This resource database has recovery solutions to help victims “Report, Recover, and Reinforce” after cybercrime hits. From malware to business email compromise to cyberbullying, covers a wide variety of cybercrime concerns and guides victims to recovery.