New NSBA Congressional Briefing Book

November 15, 2011

NSBA has compiled a detailed briefing book for Members of Congress highlighting the key issues facing small business and recommendations to address those issues. The briefing book consists of detailed issue papers, recent and trending data on the small-business community and a variety of supplemental documents on small business.

The purpose of the briefing book is to provide policymakers with a better understanding of policies that will promote economic growth by enabling small businesses to prosper and create jobs. The briefing book provides detailed information in eight key areas: small-business institutions; tax policy; small-business access to capital; regulatory reform and paperwork reduction; employment and labor issues; health care; federal contracting and research; and deficit reduction, spending restraint and economic growth.

Also included in the briefing book is a summary of data on the American small-business community, including general data on small businesses, i.e.: how many small businesses there are in the U.S. and how they are faring in the downturned economy, as well as targeted data related to taxes, technology, health care and exporting.

In total, the briefing book offers 48 specific recommendations to policymakers on how they can better foster small-business growth, and thus greater job creation and economic recovery.

Please click here to view the full briefing book.