NSBA Chair Interviews IRS Official

May 23, 2011

Last week, NSBA Chair Larry Nannis had the opportunity to interview Ruth Perez, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Deputy Commissioner for the Small Business Self-Employed Division, about small-business taxes. The interview was part of IRS’s aim to get more information out to small businesses about the various resources and information available through their Small Business Self-Employed Division.

During the interview, Perez detailed the on-line tax center her office provides, including tax law changes, new credits or deductions, and a virtual workshop which walks small-business owners through various processes such as payroll taxes. Perez also encouraged listeners to participate in the various webinars offered by the IRS.

Nannis asked about the lag time between when a new credit or deduction is enacted into law and when IRS has information available, and Perez said the turn-around is generally quick. She went on to state that small-business owners can sign up for a newsletter to get the most recent updates from IRS.

Please click here to listen to the full interview.

Please click here for the Small Business Self-Employed Division’s on-line tax center.