NSBA Condemns Violence at the Capitol

January 7, 2021

Below is a statement from NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken and ML Mackey, Board Chair for NSBA, condemning the violence at the Capitol yesterday:

As long-time advocates on Capitol Hill, we want to address the attack on the Capitol yesterday. NSBA is a staunchly nonpartisan organization—in fact it’s one of the things that makes our group so important. We work with lawmakers of all stripes and have seen the sausage being made. While the process may not always operate within the confines of collegiality, we condemn the outrageous display of violence we witnessed yesterday in the Capitol—a place where we both have spent a great deal of time. This disregard for the rule of law is a stain that won’t soon be forgotten.

Yesterday was simply the tip of the iceberg, however. Our partisan divide has been growing for years; lawmakers feel less and less inclined to reach across the aisle; distortions are being accepted as fact and pragmatism has become a four-letter word. We have been beating this drum for some time, and we believe that small business—something everyone supports—can be an example of how to move forward.

We don’t retreat into silos of political likeness: we address the issues head-on. We don’t make enemies of people who question us: we have a dialogue. We don’t point the finger at everyone else in the organization: we, as the leaders, accept responsibility and act to solve the problem. There can be no sustained economic recovery if there is no faith in our leaders and the institutions they are sworn to protect.

NSBA stands ready to help start and move the dialogue forward.

–Todd & ML