NSBA Cyber Webinar March 8

February 20, 2018

Small businesses are a growing target for cyber criminals and hackers. The results of an attack can be devastating. The best protection you have against a cyber-attack is a lot easier to get than you might think.

Please join your fellow NSBA members for an important live webinar, “The Impact of Cyber Crime & Data Breaches and How it Affects Small Business Owners, which has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 8 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

This webinar is designed to help translate the technical landscape and complex jargon of a cyber and data breach into a context that is easy to comprehend, by learning the five “W’s” of cyber. Learn the Who, What, Where, Why and When a small business can be impacted and how your company can be better prepared for cyber-attacks and data breaches. NSBA members will learn about the tools needed to prepare and respond to this complex reality that is facing all small businesses in America today, as well as learn more about the potential risks associated with a cyber and data breach, and what to do about it.

The webinar is designed to leave NSBA members equipped with a better understanding of cyber and data breaches, along with the tools necessary to prevent and respond to one, including: privacy and security preparedness, breach response, and how an overall risk management strategy (complete with the utilization of cyber insurance products) can help to keep a business afloat in the case of an attack.

Join us for this free webinar and also learn more about how you can access new tools offered to the members of the National Small Business Association that can help you determine your company’s current level of cyber risk, take steps to help prevent a data breach, and how you can protect your business with Cyber and Data Breach Liability insurance.

Please join with your fellow NSBA members on:
DATE: March 8, 2018
TIME: 2:00 pm ET

In this 45-minute informational webinar you will learn just how beneficial, accessible and affordable it really is to protect your business…. And more importantly why you should.

• National Director of Cyber Insurance for Gallagher Affinity Insurance Services
• Executive Director for the American Cyber and Data Security Alliance
• Member InfraGard National Alliance

Click here to download a recording of the webinar.

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