NSBA Experts Talk Cybersecurity

October 3, 2019

On Oct. 1, NSBA held an interactive webinar featuring three experts who talked about key issues with cybersecurity, major computer chip defects, and the growing-pains of the 5G network.

Participants heard from: Greg Osinoff, CEO and founder of Osinoff Group and Survive Cyber, who gave a broad overview of cyber threat trends for 2019 and 2020; Rebecca Harold, CEO of The Privacy Professor, who raised the issue of major security risks posed by computer chip defaults; and Alan Pentz, CEO and Founder of Corner Alliance, talked about infrastructure and the build-out of the 5G network.

The webinar provided a great deal of insight for small business, and allowed for ample Q&A. Please click the link below to view the webcast.

NSBA Cyber Webinar

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