NSBA Holds Regional Listening Sessions

October 31, 2018

As a lead-up to its 2018 Small Business Congress, NSBA held a series of Regional Listening Sessions as a way to gather grassroots input and insight into the issues most challenging to America’s small businesses. The first Listening Session was held in Miami Beach on Sept. 27, then NSBA visited  Kansas City on Oct. 22 and Cleveland on Oct. 26.

NSBA leadership, including Board Chair Cynthia Kay of Cynthia Kay and Co., First Vice Chair Sharon Toerek of Toerek Law and Trustees Sheila Duffy-Lehrman of Tropic Survival Advertising and Marketing and Jeff Koenig of Open 4 Business welcomed attendees to each event and helped facilitate the planning and overall discussions with attendees. Todd McCracken, NSBA president and CEO briefed attendees on the political outlook in Washington, D.C., including the upcoming midterm elections, Congress’ to-do list and where small-business policy priorities stand.

McCracken then led a more detailed discussion on some of the key topics identified by NSBA and its regional partners, including tax reform 2.0, workforce, health insurance costs, regulatory reform, cybersecurity and net neutrality. Through a lively discussion and a series of real-time polls, each delegation was able to focus in on what policymakers in their cities, regions, states and nationally need to address.

The input and findings from these sessions will be presented at NSBA’s Small Business Congress in Washington, D.C. Nov. 14-15, and will also be a centerpiece of a national event of the Small Business Roundtable as it presents the needs of small businesses to legislators, the Administration, and the media.

NSBA thanks our partners in each city for their dedication and efforts in planning the events: the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and the City of Miami Beach; the Enterprise Center in Johnson County and Plexpod in Kansas City; and the Greater Cleveland Partnership and the Council of Smaller Enterprises in Cleveland.