NSBA Launches Redesigned Website

June 5, 2012

Earlier today, NSBA launched a new-and-improved website aimed at making it easier to find the content for which NSBA is known and respected. NSBA is still located at www.nsba.biz, and below are a few of the key new features of our site.

  • The Information: NSBA provides the best, most up-to-date information on small-business policy. Our new site will make it easier to get that news and sort through the information that matters most to your business.
  • The Issues: All content on NSBA’s website is now searchable both by content type (testimony, article, etc…) and issue category. If you are interested in access to capital, you will now be able to see our issue stances side-by-side with latest news, Congressional testimony, regulatory comments, and much more.
  • The Data: NSBA provides various surveys and reports throughout the year, and has become a go-to source for critical economic data. We have made our surveys and reports easier to find to ensure that, when you’re looking for numbers, you can find it.
  • The Action: NSBA’s online Action Center has been updated to provide you with useful Alerts which enable you to reach out to your lawmakers with just the click of a mouse. Here, you’ll also find status updates on important small-business legislation and see how your elected officials voted on our key issues.
  • The Events: NSBA holds various events both in-person and online throughout the year which are highlighted in our new events calendar. We’ll also keep you up to date on the key activities taking place inside the Beltway where NSBA is making a difference.
  • The Members: In our ongoing effort to unite America’s small-business community, we are working to spotlight the small-business owners and their companies that are driving the U.S. economy forward. We have created a new platform for members to share with NSBA the story behind their business and have made our social media outlets a more prominent part of our site.

We know you’re busy and the new NSBA website will make the most of your time.