NSBA Leadership Council Meets in Washington, D.C.

June 25, 2014

Opic-employees-smn June 23, the NSBA Leadership Council held its first meeting at the annual NSBA Washington Presentation.  The Leadership Council was the result of NSBA’s Strategic Plan to create a council of business leaders who are interested in grassroots activities and are connected locally in their states and with their legislators.

The vision of NSBA’s original founder, DeWitt McKinley Emery, stated in 1937 that, “Other groups organize into associations, why not an association of small business men from all over the nation! We’ll have our own House of Representatives, right in Washington.”

Today, NSBA is making Mr. Emery’s vision a reality.  On March 1, 2014 the NSBA launched a campaign to reach out to small-business owners that have similar interests and within the first three months the Council had its first members.

Tim Reynolds, NSBA’s First Vice Chair and Chairman of the Leadership Council hosted a breakfast meeting along with Eric Tolbert, Vice Chair of Membership.  Since this was the first official activity of the Council, the group spent time getting to know each other.  The accomplishments of our new Council members are impressive.  Based on the lively dialogue at the table, it is apparent that over time this Council will be a driving force behind small-business issues within their Congressional Delegations.  The next scheduled activity will take place during the Congressional Recess in August so Council members can be prepared to discuss priority issues with members when they are home in the District.  The Council members in attendance were Denise Burgess of Burgess Services in Denver Colorado,  Jeff Wasden of the Colorado Business Roundable in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Russell Slappey of Nperspective, LLC in Winter Park, Florida, Karen Frisone of K.O. Real Estate in Westminster, Colorado and Diane Helbig of Seize This Day Coaching in Lakewood, Ohio.

Roger Swinford of Calhoun International in Tampa, Florida, Julius Davis of Voltair Consulting Engineers in Tampa, Florida and Sheila Duffy-Lehrman of Tropic Survival Advertising and Marketing in North Miami, Florida were not able to attend but the Council is looking forward to the opportunity to meet with them soon.

To learn more about the Leadership Council, click here, or contact Meryl Hickman, Director of Outreach at mhickman@nsba.biz  or (410)271-2058.