NSBA Member Spotlight: Alan Pentz

May 7, 2019

Alan Pentz, CEO and Founder of Corner Alliance, is one of the newest National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council Members. Founded in 2007, Corner Alliance is a government consulting firm that serves federal clients primarily in the public safety, emergency management and business intelligence spaces. Corner Alliance is a company where your mission matters, driving change in government through stakeholder-centered solutions, innovative ideas and client loyalty.

Alan has worked in the consulting industry for over ten years, also with SRA, Touchstone Consulting and Witt O’Brien’s. Before consulting, Alan served as a speechwriter and press secretary for former U.S. Senator Max Baucus and as a legislative assistant for former U.S. Representative Paul Kanjorski. He holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Learn more about Alan and about Corner Alliance below:

NSBA: What inspired you to found Corner Alliance?

AP: I wanted to create a culture and a company I wanted to work for. I couldn’t find a place equally as dedicated to improving the way it does business internally as it does with customers. Corner Alliance is all about improving the company, its people, and its clients all at the same time.

NSBA: What sets your work apart at Corner Alliance from other companies like it?

AP: Two things. First is our dedication to always questioning how we can become a better managed company. We seek and are thirsty for new best practices and ways to get better. Second is our focus on helping the federal government use it precious R&D and investment dollars to drive the type of innovation we need as a nation to remain globally competitive and secure.

NSBA: What does “where your mission matters” mean to you?

AP: We exist to serve a full spectrum of stakeholders. First are our people who are what we sell. Each person has a slightly different mission in life. Some are here for a few years at the beginning of their career. Some are here for a decade or more but each one can bring a unique value to Corner Alliance and our customers. We want to recognize that each person is on his or her own journey that we can pursue collectively as an organization. Second are our customers. They each have a specific mission that we can come together to advance. The mission of each stakeholder is what matters to us and its why we all come to work each day.

NSBA: What should we be on the lookout for from Corner Alliance?

AP: We are very focused on telling the story of the need for federal R&D and investment in innovation. The world has changed and we face competition on multiple fronts. The last wave of innovation that we now see resulting in IPOs was premised on LTE/4G and the bandwidth that brought to the smart phone. Imagine trying to use Uber with just a desktop computer and a dial up modem. Now we are transitioning to 5G and we will see 100-fold increases in speed. That is not just a difference in degree but a difference in kind. Whole new industries will be created as a result. We must invest heavily as a nation to make sure we stay on the vanguard of that trend.

NSBA: What are you most looking forward to as an NSBA Leadership Council member?

AP: I’m excited to bring the message of the important partnership between government and small business. That’s what makes the economy work.

Interested in learning more about Corner Alliance—and about technology and innovation in the federal government? Read more by Alan Pentz on his CEO Insights blog, or other perspectives on the Corner Alliance blog. Follow the company on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.