NSBA Members: Share Your Credit Crunch Story

December 6, 2011

NSBA is seeking small-business owners willing to speak on the record to reporters from print, on-line, radio and TV outlets. NSBA data is frequently cited in media reports on America’s small businesses, and we aim to put a personal story to that data. In addition to our spokespeople and leadership, we have many opportunities for our members to talk to reporters on a variety of topics.

Most recently, NSBA is seeking small-business owners who have experienced reductions in loans, lines of credit or credit cards. Although this can be a very touchy subject, it is important that we get the story out there. In the last few months, NSBA experts and members have been interviewed on this topic in a variety of outlets. One story in particular, in which an NSBA expert and member were interviewed, resulted in that NSBA member’s line of credit being reinstated by the bank in question.

If your small-business loan, line of credit or credit card has incurred a reduction recently, and you’d be willing to talk to a reporter about it, please click here and tell us your story.

If you have other issues on which you’d be willing to talk to the press, please click here to sign up as an NSBA Media Advocate.