NSBA Members Vote on Priorities for 114th Congress

February 25, 2015


Earlier today, NSBA today unveiled the result of its small-business members’ votes on the organization’s top 10 priority issues for the 114th Congress. The voting follows last week’s Small Business Congress in Phoenix, Arizona where members heard from Sen. John McCain as well as various policy experts and debated more than 40 different issues facing small business.

“Politicians love to talk about small business and how important we are to the economy,” stated Todd McCracken NSBA president and CEO. “With these priorities, we can now find out where the rubber meets the road: do these politicians really love small business or just love talking about us?”

NSBA’s Top 10 Priorities are:

  1. Corporate Tax Reform and Small Business
    NSBA opposes efforts to pass corporate-only tax reform without some kind of workable solution for the millions of pass-through small businesses that will see no relief from corporate-only reform. (more) 
  2.  Improve Access to Credit and Capital
    NSBA urges Congress and regulators to act on a number of proposals to improve and enhance the availability of credit, capital and equity financing to small businesses. (more) 
  3.  Deficit Reduction & Entitlement Reform
    NSBA supports a two-pronged approach to reduce the ever-growing national debt which includes broad, pro-growth tax reform and much-needed entitlement reform. (more) 
  4.  Rein-in the Costs of Health Care
    Policymakers should prioritize health care cost containment and work to improve the Affordable Care Act while removing the most burdensome aspects of the law. (more) 
  5.  Capital Gains and Dividends
    NSBA encourages Congress to reject proposals to eliminate the step-up in basis on capital gains income, which would significantly increase taxes on inherited businesses. (more) 
  6.  Tax Extender Permanency
    NSBA urges Congress to work toward expansion and permanency of the various business tax extenders most important to small-business investment and growth to add greater tax certainty. (more) 
  7.  Export-Import Bank Reauthorization
    NSBA urges Congress to enact a long-term reauthorization of Ex-Im Bank, a critical resource for small-business exporters, and include an increase to its lending cap. (more) 
  8.  National Regulatory Budget
    Congress should enact a national regulatory budget to bring much needed reform, transparency, and priority setting within the regulatory process. (more) 
  9. Immigration Reform
    Lawmakers seeking immigration reforms must embrace policies that foster economic growth and avoid adding substantial burdens on small-business owners. (more) 
  10. Strengthen SBA Office of Advocacy
    Congress must allocate the financial resources required for Advocacy to provide consistent, reliable information about small business and advocate within the federal government. (more)

At the beginning of each new session of Congress, NSBA brings its members together at the Small Business Congress to discuss the issues and craft an agenda for the coming two years. This gives NSBA’s members the opportunity to bring new issues to the table as well as further debate and develop previous priorities.

“NSBA is a uniquely member-driven organization, and our votes dictate what we as an organization focus on for the coming two years,” stated NSBA Chair said NSBA Chair Timothy Reynolds, president of Tribute, Inc. in Hudson, Ohio. “These priorities extend beyond just our membership: they are on-par with what we continually hear from our broad national surveys.”

Please stay tuned to NSBA’s website for more detailed information on the priorities for the 114th Congress.

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