NSBA Partners with Fix the Debt Campaign

October 24, 2012

NSBA has signed on as the inaugural small-business organization partnering with the Fix the Debt Campaign, a bipartisan initiative aimed at mobilizing leaders from the business, government, and policy world – and voters across America – to urge Congress and the President to implement a comprehensive plan to address the mounting national debt.

At the beginning of the 112th Congress, NSBA members voted deficit reduction and tax reform among their top priorities. Most recently, according to the 2012 Mid-Year Economic Report, small business ranked the national deficit as the number one thing they believe Congress and the administration should address.

In partnering with the Fix the Debt Campaign, NSBA is joining a highly-respected organization in urging lawmakers not to simply kick the can down the road. An initiative of the Campaign for a Responsible Federal Budget, the Fix the Debt Campaign is solely focused on the adoption of policies that will put the country on a sustainable fiscal path, provide certainty for individuals and organizations regarding the federal programs they rely on, and allow American businesses to make long-term plans and investments that will grow the economy and create jobs.

The Campaign is built around the following core principles:

  • This plan should be enacted now, but implemented gradually to protect the fragile economic recovery and to give Americans time to prepare for the changes in the federal budget.
  • In order to develop a fiscal plan that can succeed both financially and politically, it must be bipartisan and should include reforms to all areas of the budget. The plan should:
    • Reform Medicare and Medicaid, improve efficiency in the overall health care system, and limit future cost growth;
    • Strengthen Social Security, so that it is solvent and will be there for future beneficiaries; and
    • Include comprehensive and pro-growth tax reform, which broadens the base, lowers rates, raises revenues, and reduces the deficit.
  • The recommendations of the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission, which saved $4 trillion and addressed all parts of the budget, provide an effective framework for such a plan.
  • The plan should be conducive to long-term economic growth, protect the vulnerable, include credible enforcement mechanisms to ensure that the debt reduction is achieved, and leave the next generation better off.

Founded by the architects of one of the most promising debt reduction plans offered to date, Erskine Bowles and Al Simpson, the Fix the Debt Campaign is working to build broad consensus among business, and, as such, has reached out to NSBA to help build small-business support of the efforts.

Given the looming fiscal cliff and anticipated debate and discussion starting during the lame-duck session of Congress, NSBA is proud to partner with the Fix the Debt Campaign and plans to aggressively seek small-business support for a broad and economically responsible solution to the deficit.

If you would like to sign your business up as a supporter of the Fix the Debt Campaign, please click here and tell us your name, company name, location and phone number.

Please click here for more on the Fix the Debt Campaign.