NSBA Post-Elections Analysis – Nov. 9

October 12, 2016

pic-voteOn Nov. 9, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. EST, NSBA will hold an issue briefing teleconference for members to discuss the elections and what lies ahead for the 115th Session of Congress and the upcoming lame duck session. Held the day following the elections, this teleconference will feature expert analysis from NSBA President Todd McCracken and Vice President of Government Affairs Jody Milanese.

Mr. McCracken who will provide an overview of the election outcome and what it means for the big issues facing the nation as well as your small business. He will discuss any potential change in leadership for the Senate and House as well as how the 115th Congress is likely to work with the president on various policy priorities. Following McCracken will be NSBA’s VP for Government Affairs Jody Milanese, who will talk about NSBA’s agenda and what is likely to move during the upcoming lame duck session of Congress.

Join NSBA for this quick, 45-minute call to get the inside scoop on what small business can expect from our elected officials in the coming months. Click here to register.