NSBA Proposes Small Business Pledge

September 24, 2012

Earlier this week, NSBA reached out to President Barack Obama, Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney, Members of Congress, and Congressional candidates on both sides of the aisle and encouraged them to sign-on to NSBA’s Small Business Pledge. Specifically, signatories of the pledge are asked to help promote small-business economic growth and job creation by supporting efforts to:

  • Ensure that small businesses are not burdened by federal policy in a way that is disproportionate or unfair;
  •  Improve small businesses’ access to capital, both in terms of equity investment and debt;
  • Reduce the regulatory and administrative burden on small businesses imposed by the federal government;
  • Restrain Federal spending growth, reform entitlement programs, and reduce the federal deficit in order to prevent a federal debt crisis;
  • Create a surge of economic growth by fundamentally restructuring the tax code to create simplicity, fairness, transparency, and incentives for savings and investment;
  • Ensure that small businesses have fair access to federal contracting opportunities; and
  • Require the President to convene a non-partisan White House Conference on Small Business to gain substantive direction from representative small businesses from across the country.

NSBA is the country’s oldest small-business advocacy organization with more than 65,000 small business members across the country, and operates on a staunchly nonpartisan basis. NSBA is committed to supporting pro-growth, pro-jobs legislation and policies, while at the same time ensuring that small businesses don’t bear a disproportionate burden of any such policies, and the NSBA Small Business Pledge is an important step forward.

NSBA is urging all small businesses to contact their lawmakers and urge them to sign on to the NSBA Small Business Pledge. NSBA will be releasing all signatories of the Small Business Pledge in early-October, so in order to be included in the first round of announcements, lawmakers and candidates must sign and return the pledge by Sept. 24.

For more details and to download the pledge, please click here.