NSBA Reaches out to Trump Transition Team

December 22, 2016

NSBA recently sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team detailing the organization’s key small-business platforms. Although Mr. Trump will not officially take office until Jan. 20, 2017, his transition team is already deeply involved in developing their policy priorities for the first 100 days and beyond.

In the letter, NSBA’s leadership, including NSBA’s 2016 and 2017 chairs, Cookie Driscoll and Pedro Alfonso, respectively, and NSBA President Todd McCracken, urged the incoming administration to make small business a centerpiece of their efforts to create the jobs-centered future. While NSBA’s members will be voting on the organization’s Top 10 Priority Issues for the 115th Session of Congress at the upcoming Small Business Congress on Feb. 16-17, the letter signed by NSBA leadership focused on a handful of long-term platforms of NSBA.

Among those key platforms:

  • Health care reform to provide relief from the Affordable Care Act and overall health care costs;
  • Broad tax reform that moves the U.S. toward a simpler, fairer tax regime that understands the reality of taxes for America’s small businesses;
  • Regulatory relief that eases and streamlines the massive federal regulatory burden facing small businesses;
  • Deficit and debt reduction that ensures our long-term global competitiveness with ample time to phase-in any changes;
  • Improved access to capital that ensures small businesses can garner the financing they need to start, innovate, grow and create jobs;
  • The continuance of a separate, small-business focused U.S. Small Business Administration that serves on the President’s Cabinet; and
  • Convene a White House Conference on Small Business to develop a cohesive small-business agenda.

NSBA reiterated its commitment to work with the new administration on all small-business issues and offered its resources, member expertise, and advocacy tools to help Mr. Trump and his team as they work on crafting their agenda.

Please click here to view the full letter.