Elections Guide for Small Business Voters

October 24, 2012

With the elections just weeks away, the airwaves are dominated by campaign ads telling you why you should vote for a particular candidate—or in many cases, why you should NOT vote for his or her opponent. Today, NSBA is releasing its 2012 Elections Guide to help America’s small businesses sort through all the rhetoric and determine which issues really count.

Although NSBA doesn’t endorse candidates, the Elections Guide includes the following checklists:

  • The Candidate Checklist – a list of our top issues along with whether NSBA supports or opposes those issues, which will help small-business voters determine whether their candidate truly does support small business;
  • The Voting Checklist – a list of the most important small-business votes held by Congress in the past two years that were supported or opposed by NSBA. This list includes links to each vote to enable small-business voters to see how their lawmaker voted; and
  • The Legislative Checklist – a comprehensive list of various bills offered over the past two years and where NSBA stood on each bill. This list also includes links to each bill for small-business owners to see whether their lawmaker sponsored or cosponsored any of these bills.

Rarely has there been a time when small business has been so at the epicenter of political debates as we are today, giving the small-business community a unique and powerful role in affect the outcome of the elections. Furthermore, this race is exceedingly close. Says Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report: “With a race this close, small but important factors will likely be key.”

NSBA urges all small-business owners to consider the real small-business bona-fides of any candidate wishing to earn their vote. In addition to the Elections Guide, NSBA’s action center details which lawmakers sponsored and cosponsored legislation critical to small business. It is often the case that good legislation is offered, but due to politics or timing, that measure isn’t given the proper consideration it deserves.

Please click here to download the 2012 Elections Guide.

Please visit the NSBA Action Center online today.