NSBA Releases New Health Care Survey, Guide and More

February 11, 2014

pic-health-computerOn Feb. 6, NSBA released a new, comprehensive health care survey, the 2014 NSBA Small Business Health Care Survey which shows how America’s small businesses are dealing with rising health care costs, what kind of benefits they offer and how the Affordable Care Act is impacting their business. Most notably, 91 percent reported increases in their health plan at their most recent health insurance renewal with one in four being hit with increases exceeding 20 percent.

“Cost is the number one driver of whether or not a small business will offer health insurance,” stated NSBA President Todd McCracken. “These costs have real-world implications: one-third of small businesses held off on hiring a new employee and more than half say they held off on salary increases for employees.”

Among the key findings of the NSBA survey: while the majority of employers think offering health insurance is very important to recruiting good employees, just 51 percent of the smallest firms offer health benefits. Among the 70 percent of small firms overall that do offer health insurance, the majority report paying for more than half of the cost of their employees’ plans.

Today the average monthly per-employee cost of health insurance premiums for a small firm is $1,121. When asked in 2009 for the estimated monthly cost of their health benefits package, per employee, it was just $590 per month.

“Widespread confusion over the Affordable Care Act still exists among the majority of small firms,” said NSBA Chair Jeff Van Winkle of Clark Hill in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Small businesses report spending on average 13 hours and $1,274 per month—and that’s just on the administrative side of understanding the law itself.”

Please click here to view the complete survey.

In addition to the survey, NSBA recently unveiled a detailed health care compliance guide to help small-business owners navigate through the new health care reform law. For several months, NSBA worked to compile–led by efforts of former NSBA General Counsel David R. Burton–a comprehensive health care compliance guide, The Small Business Guide to Health Care Law, which is designed to provide practical information to small-business owners, managers and their advisors.

While the primary focus of the guide is the Affordable Care Act, it also addresses other health care and health insurance laws that small businesses should consider as they operate their business. In an effort to ease the complexity of the law, this guide includes both detailed descriptions as well as several abbreviated sections, including: a glossary, a decision tree, an implementation timeline and a key points section that highlights most of the more critical requirements under the law.

The guide is free to NSBA members and just $29.95 for nonmembers. Click here for details.

Finally, NSBA also rolled-out an updated Website focused on health care reform, www.HealthReformToday.org, which provides various targeted resources such as an interactive timeline, a detailed FAQ and the latest health care-related news.