NSBA Small Business Pledge

September 26, 2018

On Tuesday, Sept. 26, NSBA reached out to candidates and current Members of Congress urging them to sign the NSBA Small Business Pledge. Given the widespread praise small business has received throughout the 2018 campaign season, NSBA is calling on political leaders to underscore their support of America’s small-business community and become an ally of small business through the pledge.

As a staunchly nonpartisan organization, as well as the nation’s longest running small-business advocacy group with more than 65,000 members, NSBA is encouraging lawmakers and candidates of all political persuasions to sign the pledge to support pro-small-business policies.

Furthermore, NSBA is encouraging its members to urge their elected officials and candidates to sign the pledge to encourage entrepreneurship and small-business growth. In conjunction with launching the Small Business Pledge, NSBA has released its 2018 Politics of Small Business Survey, providing a unique look at where America’s small-business owners stand politically.

Please click here to download the Small Business Pledge.