NSBA State of the Union Teleconference

January 11, 2011

On Jan. 26, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST, NSBA will hold an issue briefing teleconference for members to discuss President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address as well as the Republican response and what lies ahead for the 112th Congress. Held the day immediately following the president’s address, this teleconference will provide members with the opportunity to hear from Washington, D.C. insiders about both politics and policy for the coming months.

During the call, members will get a detailed analysis on the president’s address as well as the Republican response from NSBA President Todd McCracken. NSBA’s chief lobbyists will then discuss the new make-up of the 112th Congress and what the new priorities are likely to be for key committees with jurisdiction over small-business issues. Wrapping up the call, NSBA Chair Larry Nannis will discuss likely NSBA priorities as well as provide avenues for members to stay involved and help drive the NSBA agenda.

In addition to NSBA leadership and chief lobbyists, NSBA members will get the opportunity to hear from Kent Hoover, the Washington Bureau Chief for American City Business Journals–the network of weekly business journals in more than 40 major cities across the country. Hoover will provide his perspective on which key small-business issues are likely to move in the coming months, as well as insight on the politics of the 112th Congress. A veteran reporter on Capitol Hill, few have better insight into the workings of Congress than Kent Hoover.

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