NSBA Status Report: Build Back Better Act

November 10, 2021

President Joe Biden on Oct. 28 released a pared down framework of the massive spending bill, also known as the Build Back Better Act, which would now cost about $1.75 trillion over 10 years. That same day, House Democrats released their updated version of the Build Back Better Act (text, section-by-section summary) that incorporated changes that have come after months of negotiations between moderates, progressives and the White House.

Since then, discussions have continued in the House and Senate about what should be in the final bill and what will be out, but ultimately House Democrats will need to coalesce around a package that can be passed in the Senate. Efforts to include paid leave and other provisions back into the initial bill, while they may be successful in the House bill, are unlikely to pass muster in the Senate.

Given the constant changing nature of the bill and need to secure agreement among at least 50 Senators, NSBA has put together a status report on the most recent framework and where things stand on provisions that will have the greatest impact on small business. In this status report, you will find the provision, its price-tag or estimated revenue, where applicable, as well as whether or not it is in the new framework and finally, whether it’s inclusion—or exclusion—is good for small business.

Please note that the status report indicators–thumbs-up or down–are designed to indicate whether or not NSBA believes the current state of play on the provision, i.e.: it’s in or out, is good or bad for small business.

Click here to download the status report.

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